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We use a few different tools to organize the BioJulia community - you are welcome to join us at any or all!

All BioJulia community members are expected to adhere to the BioJulia code of conduct

If your question is about Julia and not directly related to BioJulia, please use the Julia Discourse

If you would like help with using BioJulia packages, Slack is the best place to start.

Slack is a real-time messaging tool, with discussion split into channels and groups. We use it to provide help to people using BioJulia packages, as well as discussing development ideas.

Once you have registered, you can access the #biology slack channel


There are a number of ways to get involved in the community; join us!

Whether you're an undergrad just trying to get code to work, or a post-doc developing new algorithms, you are welcome!

Please take a moment to read the Julia Community Standards. We expect that your participation in any Julia related forum, online or offline, respects these standards.



We use the BioJulia GitHub organization for the development of BioJulia itself. GitHub is where you will find our source code, tracked issues, and the pull-requests. Issues and PRs should be on topic and technical, but for support and user questions, you can use GitHub discussions, the Julia discourse forum, or chat channels below.


The primary online discussion venue for Julia is the Discourse forum.

The forum is the correct place to:

There is a specific category for Biology and BioJulia


For casual conversation and quick questions, we can be reached in the #biology channel on the Julia slack. It is a good place to start if you think you need help but aren't quite sure what you should be asking or where to ask it.

There is also a Julia zulip and the stream is #biology-health-and-medicine

If you are interested in medicine, health care, and public health, check out the JuliaHealth organization:

A longer list of Julia organizations related to the life sciences and health sciences is available here.

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