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Installation is simple!

Invoke the package manager with ] in the REPL and use

add PopGen


Using PopGen

Like all Julia packages, to activate PopGen.jl, simply run:

julia> using PopGen

Feel free to play around with the test data in /data/ or add it to your workspace with the @nancycats and @gulfsharks commands.

For ArchLinux users

If you compiled Julia from source, your PopGen.jl installation may fail due to incorrectly building Arpack, which is expected to be in one place, but the compilation puts in another.


  • install official Julia binaries from the AUR (julia-bin), which includes a correctly bundled Arpack (recommended)
  • if Julia was compiled from source: install julia-arpack from the AUR and make sure to delete ~/.julia/packages/Arpack if it exists. That should fix things, but sometimes it still acts up.

"Installing" the docs

The magic of Docusaurus (the engine these docs are built on) lets you "install" this documentation as a progressive web app (fancy web shortcut) if you're using a Chromium-based browser (e.g. Chrome, Chromium, Brave, Vivaldi, Edge). Doing so gives you quick-access to these docs as easy as double-clicking an application. Here's what that looks like using the Edge browser on Windows:


which then shows up in your Start menu like a plain-regular application!